About Mrs Lacy

 My name is Julie Lacy.  I teach 4th grade at Minatare Elementary.  In 2013, I graduated from Chadron State College with my bachelors in K-8 Elementary Education.  I student taught at Community Christian School and then accepted my first teaching position as a Special Education Level 1 Teacher in Alliance, Nebraska.  I joined the Minatare Elementary community as their 4th Grade teacher in 2014.

I love the community and collaboration that Minatare Elementary has.  We have incredible teachers and amazing support staff here. Teaching 4th grade has been a lifelong dream of mine.  My fourth grade teacher was the inspiration behind me becoming a teacher.

One of my biggest beliefs as a teacher is that every child has something to show, give, and be.  They are all unique in their own way and we as teachers need to find their strengths and let them shine in the classroom.  I love being able to help children grow and find who they are. Trying means so much in my classroom, doing your best and giving it your all.  If you are willing to try, you will succeed.

A little about me outside of teaching:

  • I am married to an amazing guy, Tim.
  • We have a pretty awesome daughter, Bay.
  • I love spending time with family, riding my horses, and photography.
  • Dogs and horses are the way to my heart.  My husband, daughter, and I adopt and foster dogs through a rescue.  
  • I drove over 2500 miles round trip in less than 72 hours to pick up and bring home Ginny, who is a Belgian Malinois.  She is my other half and true soul mate according to my husband.  
  • I have three horses and a baby on the way due April 29, 2018.  Doll is 22, Lynx is 18, and Cinnamon is 10.
  • Lynx has been with me for 17 of her 18 years here on Earth.
  • My dad had me riding horses before I could talk or walk and I haven't stopped. 
  • If I ever win the lottery, I will be purchasing a giraffe because well everyone needs a giraffe in my opinion.
  • My favorite colors are green and purple.  My favorite food is cheesecake.  My favorite drink is Starbucks Pineapple Iced Tea, 1/2 sweet.  My favorite season is fall or spring.

2017 Family Picture
Family picture 2016- Left to Right (dogs), Ginny, Pete, and Shasta


The day we picked up Ginny in Sonora, California.

Working cows on Lynx


Horses at my sisters house, Lynx is 3rd from left


Doll & Lynx


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