Monday, April 16, 2018

Donors Choose Project up and going!

As many of you know, I have implemented flexible or alternative seating in the classroom.  This gives your student a choice in their learning.  There has been much research done on the use of flexible or alternative seating in the classroom. 

Flexible seating has been proven to improve student focus, encourages collaboration and community building, help meet students sensory needs, give them a chance to move while learning and be comfortable, and gives them control over their learning by giving them choices. With flexible seating in the classroom, students can work by themselves, in pairs, groups, or even as a whole class as needed.

By offering my students more flexible seating options, I am giving them an opportunity to collaborate more, build better community with their peers, meet their sensory needs, and improve their focus.

Flexible seating supports collaborative learning and community building in the classroom. Students are allowed to choose their seating daily which encourages them to work with a variety of their peers in learning communities which promotes student collaboration.

As many know, kids are made to move and wiggle. They have sensory needs that are often not met by traditional seating. Flexible seating opens that door for students to be able to move, wiggle, and meet sensory needs. When sensory needs are met, it increases student focus and productivity by increasing processing for students.

Comfortable students are calmer, more focused, engaged, and have a higher productivity. Giving students the chance to move whether it is twisting, kicking, bouncing, or rocking, it helps them focus more on their work because they are already comfortable instead of worrying about being comfortable and learning.

I have put in for our last seating for our classroom through Donors Choose.  As of 4/16/2018 there was $360 of the $586 to go.  This is one more choice for your children, those that prefer to be on the floor. 

Click here to go to the site Stop, Collaborate, & Build Community

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